Xactimate Training and Level II Certification

Xactimate 28 Level I & II Certification Class with Barry Smith (Certified Xactimate Instructor) will be taught in Fairfield Iowa on June 18th - 23rd. Cost is $600 and includes a 300 page Xactimate workbook.

To register: please email us at walkergroup2018@gmail.com and leave your phone number. We will call you to answer questions, register you for the class and take payment. 

Please note: The Xactimate class starts on Monday June 18th and will be for 6 consecutive days with a day for the optional exam to receive your certificate. Hands on adjusting experience will be gained from scoping virtual as well as actual buildings.

Includes Official Level 1 and Level 2 Xactimate User Certification Exam Prep. 

Preparation: This seminar will be on Xactimate version 28. This software is available in three platforms: desktop, online, and, mobile. You must come to class with the desktop version installed on your computer. This is very important. If you do not have a subscription you may download a FREE demo trial for the class. 

A laptop and mouse are required for the class. 

The last day of class the certification tests are available. However, it is not required. Please note: the exam will be an additional $100 and goes directly to Xactimate. 


Registration will close on June 11th 2018.